Architectural Post & Panel Sound Walls Systems

We are the region’s foremost manufacturer of precast concrete sound wall systems. Our industry-leading fabrication standards make us a preferred partner. We have earned a reputation for providing dependable and quality service as well as creative and unique solutions.

What We Offer

  • Specialty single- and double-sided sound panels
    —Our proprietary Impressor Stamping System creates two-sided finishes
    —Custom aesthetics on posts and panels, solutions to meet any architectural or site requirements
    —Joint detailing prevents sight and sound penetration
  • Crash-resistant systems
  • Dual-purpose sound/retaining wall systems
  • Cast-in-door systems available


  • We offer sole source responsibility for design, production, scheduling, delivery, and installation
  • Best-in-class sound absorptive technology
  • Sound walls taller than 12’ require only two stacked panels
  • Two-sided stamping and full range of textures and customization capabilities available on standard panels and SoftSoundTM panels
  • Panel systems work with both concrete and steel posts
  • Economical solutions—larger panels require fewer posts and less labor
  • Large-scale manufacturing capabilities = accelerated delivery

39th Ave and Park Hill Drainage

Denver, Co.

SEMA Precast supplied 5,714 lineal feet of box culvert for the City & County of Denver’s 39th Ave & Park Hill Drainage project.

The project consisted of 9 different size box culverts ranging from 8’x5′ to 15’x10′.  All boxes supplied with water-tight gasketed joints.