J-J Hook Temporary Barriers

We are Colorado’s exclusive supplier of the J-J Hook® temporary traffic barrier system.
J-J Hook® barriers offer a self-aligning connection that automatically hooks into place, requiring no pins, bolts, or loose hardware.

Meets the new MASH/FHWA requirements set to take effect January 1st, 2020.

What We Offer

  • Multiple price offerings to fit any budget (new / used / purchase / rental)
  • 20% longer than standard pin and loop barriers means fewer units to handle, saving time and money
  • Fastest setting times and lowest installation costs
  • Automatic hook-in-place application makes it the safest system available
    —No hands between barrier segments
    —Single barriers can be removed without affecting placement of adjacent barriers
  • Self-aligning system with identical ends
  • Requires no loose hardware—eliminates replacement costs of damaged end pins
  • Tight radius ability
  • Unprecedented crash protection
  • Can be free-standing, bolted, or bottom-pinned on bridges
  • Bottom-pinned barriers have also passed the stringent MASH Test Level 3 requirements


  • Individual barriers are 12 ft / 5,300 lbs / 32” and durable enough for repeat use
  • Our J-J Hook® barrier systems are available new and used, for purchase and for rental
    —Rental rates are based upon duration of use
  • Custom transition to pin and loop units also available
  • We can supply any client in the US and Canada
    —Nine barriers (108 ft & 47,700 lbs) per legal load

39th Ave and Park Hill Drainage

Denver, Co.

SEMA Precast supplied 5,714 lineal feet of box culvert for the City & County of Denver’s 39th Ave & Park Hill Drainage project.

The project consisted of 9 different size box culverts ranging from 8’x5′ to 15’x10′.  All boxes supplied with water-tight gasketed joints.